How Adolescence Should Be Given Opportunities For Communication Among Individuals From Different Cultures

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The purpose of this study is to discuss the idea that adolescence should be given the opportunity to communicate and form bonds with individuals from another culture so that they may form intercultural friendships in a nation that continues to grow increasingly diverse. This paper explores five published articles pertaining to communication among individuals from different cultures. More specifically focusing on intercultural friendships and the importance of creating opportunities for communication across cultures in adolescents. This paper recognizes a study by the University of Wisconsin, Madison Institute for Research on Poverty that focuses on the effects of communication among children that attend culturally diverse schools versus homogenous schools. The article leaves the audience with the suggestion that the way to better the future of our world is to encourage and allow for opportunities for our adolescence to create intercultural friendships. Thus, turning our cultural enemies into friends through the use of communication among adolescence.

Turing Enemies of another Culture into Friends through Communication
Turning our enemies into friends can be beneficial. In his essay, “Turning Enemies into Friends,” Stewart (2012) suggest that “If I defeat you, I win and you lose. But in truth, I also lose, because by diminishing you, I diminish myself. However, in a friendship instead, of fighting one another, we can fight together the problems we share. We…
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