How African American Police Officers Are Socialized

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In order to impose control on their employees, “ administrators are socialized by the organizations they work in and adopt behaviors and preferences that are consistent with organizational goals, thereby minimizing the influence of their own personal values on bureaucratic behavior” (656 Wilkins & williams). According to Wilkins and Williams, police are an oddity, in that they have an innate culture that pushes them away from the social norms they are used to. This article for example, is all about how African American police officers are socialized from “Black to Blue”. What this means is that the socialization of most police departments is so strong, that police officers can lose their prior identity. The overarching and powerful socialization begins as cadets, and continues over the course of their career. It becomes strong enough that it essentially replaces their existing set of norm, and replace them with the police’s.
One must also take into account not just the socialization process, but also the subculture that can be present within police departments. These do vary on a department, to department basis. Some of these types include Ceremonial crime-fighting commandos, and anti-military social workers. Ceremonial crime fighting commandos have a “strong emphasis on rules and procedures; obedience to the police system; cohesive, interdependent task organization; and authoritarian management “ ( Jermier Et Al 183). What this means is that they most closely align with

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