How Amazon's Complex Website Keeps the Company Up and Running

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Introduction is a complex website that handles the selling of many products from books to movies to games and much more. The websites consists of layers of tabs which helps direct the customer to the category where the product that they are searching for is located. With the large amount of products that they handle, Amazon must keep up to date with the latest hardware and software in order to keep their website functioning smoothly. This includes things like databases, data communication products, and security software. also must use the System Design Life Cycle (SDLC) on a consistent basis to determine whether or not new applications should be added to their business. As shown below, all of these …show more content…

Their database has to have the capability to be able to record a transaction, track a transaction, and keep track of inventory and other functions of a database. Having a large database system like Amazon also poses risk for security issues.
Amazon’s database holds a lot of important information and with having all of this information there can be security issues. Amazon tries to secure all of the information that comes through their system because not only do they encrypt the credit card information of individuals but Amazon allows the individual to encrypt every piece of information that they put into Amazon’s system (Layton, 1998-2014). Amazon employs Netscape Secure commerce Server using the secure socket layer protocol (Layton, 1998-2014). Amazon does not store their credit card information in the same database as all of their other information. Amazon has it that if customers do not like to put in their credit card online that the can put some of the credit card number online and then call and speak to a representative to give them the rest of the credit card number. A secure feature that Amazon has for their credit card information it that the database that holds all of the credit card information is not internet accessible stopping any hackers from getting individuals information. Amazon wants to ensure that all of their credit card information is protected due to the amount of

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