How And When Did The Earth Produce Its Core, Mantle And

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How and when did the Earth produce its core, mantle and continental crust? It has been known for well over a century now that the Earth’s core, mantle and the crust make up the basic structure of the Earth. However, there is some controversy over how and when the Earth produced its core, mantle and crust. In this essay, I will first discuss about the formation of the Early Earth and its Moon, then about the methods used to pinpoint the age of the Earth. Other than that, I will also expand on core and mantle formation, as well as the eventual production of the continental crust. THE BIRTH OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM & HEATING OF EARLY EARTH Firstly, to deduce how the Earth came to form the structures we know today in modern Earth, we must go back…show more content…
FORMATION OF THE MOON Many believe that while Early Earth was undergoing accretion, it had a massive collision with a large body- as huge as the size of Mars (see Fig. 2.). This collision produced a shower of debris around the Earth and thrusted it into space (Grotzinger and Jordan, 2010). “According to this theory, the Earth reformed as a boy with an outer molten layer hundreds of kilometres thick- a magma ocean.” (Grotzinger and Jordan, 2010). Marshak (2007) deduced that the Moon was formed from the accretion of the debris floating around the Earth. He also suggested that the Moon’s composition resembles that of the mantle because of the way the Mars-sized body collided with the Earth. From this, we can assume that when the collision happened- it did not disturb the Earth’s iron-nickel core that was already formed. The formation of the Moon must have happened 4.51 billion years ago- between the early stages of the accretion of the Earth which was 4.56 billion years ago,) and “the formation of the oldest Moon rocks brought back by the Apollo astronauts (4.47 billion years ago,)” (Grotzinger and Jordan, 2010). Fig. 2. The formation of the Moon due to an off-centre collision of a Mars sized body (Freedman and Kaufmann, 2009) p.249 THE AGE OF THE EARTH Before the discovery of radiometric methods to determine the age of the Earth, the first few attempts were off by thousands of millions

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