How Arthur Miller Hints at Tragedy in ‘A View from the Bridge’

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In this essay I will describe the way in which Miller hints at the tragedy in the beginning of the play ‘A View from the Bridge’. Miller gives us lots of clues in the opening section to try and get the audience thinking. He wants us to think about how the main character dies not what happened in the end because everyone knows that in a tragedy the main character dies. Miller uses a range of devices e.g. uses of plot devices, the structure foreshadowing o put an impact on the audience understanding of the play. One reason why we know that this story will lead to a tragic ending is because of a character Alfieri, who is a lawyer and a chorus. He had a speech in the beginning as a chorus and in this speech he tells us a lot about the play.…show more content…
Additionally he uses words like ‘disaster’ and ‘distrust’ to describe whatever will happen wouldn’t be for the good. Alfieri guides the story by saying ‘He was…’ so; we know the death of Eddie happened. Many clues in the begging hint at us in the beginning about the tragic ending. Another way in which Miller creates sense of tragedy to come by creating tension in the Carbone family. There is a tension in the relationship between Eddie and Catherine; they both have an uncle and a niece relation. But the way in which they treat each other makes the audience think that they have closer relationship than a father and a daughter. The tension builds up from the beginning of the play when Eddie comments on the ‘skirt’ being ‘too short’. In this speech the audience would think that they are boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife until later we see that they are related to each other in a different way. Also, Eddie orders that Catherine can’t have the ‘job’ because it isn’t right for her, which is what a husband would order to their wife because the wife might have an affair with someone else. . In this we see that he is being over-protective on Catherine. Also, we see that Eddie still wants Catherine to be small because sometimes she is called ‘baby’, ‘Katie’ and ‘kid’, which is what a father and mother would call their
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