How Campaigns Are Affected By Public Opinion

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Returning to the three original polls, these measures of public opinion are useful. Throughout the year, we have discussed how campaigns are affected by public opinion, especially because the debates had just begun. Right now, while candidates are trying to win their respective party nominations, they are going to try to appeal to the opinions of Republicans and Democrats separately. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are not trying to appeal to the same base as Donald Trump and Jeb Bush. These polls are meaningful and candidates should be mindful of them, because people care about this issue. The three polls I have examined are similar in numbers, but there is a bit of disparity between the Hart Research Associates and Public Opinion Strategies and CBS News and the New York Times poll and the poll done by Quinnipiac University. The percentage of respondents saying that there should be a pathway to citizenship in the poll collaborated on by Hart and Public Opinion Strategies was 47%, but 55% in the Quinnipiac poll, and 61% in the CBS/New York Times poll for the final days of July. A 14% difference seems to be a significant difference, especially when one number is not a majority of the population. Over the time of the debate period, the numbers have stayed in the upper 50s. For that reason, I think that these can be meaningful polls that represent the population as a whole. Overall, opinion seems to tend to be more in favor of letting people stay who came here

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