How Can A Christian Counselor Effectively Counsel Clients

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How can a Christian counselor effectively counsel clients while holding to their convictions of faith? This question is one that many have to think upon. In reading the textbook for this class, the author takes the secular theories and breaks them apart. As a counselor, Christian or not, it is very important to pull from different theories rather than devote solely to one theory. Each individual coming in to the therapist’s office is wired differently in personality and belief system. As a Christian therapist, it is important to know the individual in the client’s chair. Being open with them about where one stands spiritually is a priority. The goal is to be able to take any theory and “think” Christianly. Every counselor is different, but there are central characteristics that one must focus their practice on while working with clients. The main goal as a Christian therapist is to integrate psychology, professional ethics, Scripture and the very character of Jesus in a way that never compromises the authority of God. Through out Modern Psychotherapies, it lines out secular psychological perspectives. The text shows us what to look for from a Christian perspective, but it doesn’t throw the theories out altogether. There are different groups of Christian counselors. There are those who want nothing to do with secular psychology and their theories. There are therapists who pick and choose from several theories and use the Bible separately. There are also those who choose to
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