Personal Statement : A Christian Counseling

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As a Christian counseling, I realize that I am an adjunct, specializing in a practice that is appropriately attached to and derived from the core practice, as it is legally defined (Clinton and Ohlschlager, p133). I also realize that I am more than a counselor; however, I have become a soul-care artisan, a disciple, a mentor, a spiritual director, and a guide into the deeper way of Christ (p132). Therefore, every Christian counseling session, I have encountered, has started with a prayer, to welcome God into the midst, as the Holy Spirit take the lead and guides what is said by me, as the counselor. As a Christian counselor, it is my hope that my knowledge of Spiritual formation reshapes the inner man, by being formed spiritually from the inside out, transforming from a selfish and carnal existence to a holy and joyful one; by one’s faith, as well as, the client’s faith, in God (Clinton and Ohlschlager, p130)

The counselee is asked what brought him into the office today; in which he is expected to thoroughly present his concerns. One would at this time, introduce the counselee with spiritual formation strategies, as means to spiritually challenge the maturity and intimacy the counselee has with God (131) in a manner that is gently, compassionately, and with a humble spirit presentation.
Depending on the counselee’s response, the Scripture presented would come from Isaiah 29:13, which states: The Lord says: These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with

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