Personal Theory Paper

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Personal Theory Paper
Evie Kuhn
Liberty University

This paper is the development of my personal theory on Christian Counseling. I use many scriptural references to support my beliefs and stress the importance of gaining wisdom and knowledge from the bible. It incorporates all of the presentations, readings, and critiques I did at Liberty University’s Theology and Spirituality in counseling course. I talk about how I integrate Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality into my Christian counseling and believe that they all have a lot to offer the Christian counselor. The role of integration and multitasking is necessary to be an effective Christian counselor under the guidelines of the American Association of Christian
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76). He takes the approach that the church can develop programs that can help those who want to change. The three general levels of counseling that Crabb presents are “Level I-Counseling By Encouragement, Level II- Counseling By Exhortation and Level III-Counseling By Enlightenment” (p. 190). The person acting as the counselor needs to build a relationship with the person for any level of his methods to really be effective. The relationship helps one to be motivated to open up and want to change. The process and ways to counsel are always changing. Knowing different theories, how to use them, and when to use them is what makes an effective counselor.
Human Development Human development is an ongoing process of not just, Hawkins concentric circle known as, the body, but the soul. His Temporal Systems circle that includes family, friends, church, society, government, economy, and education are what help shape and develop these areas of one’s life. During this process of human development painful things happen and if not dealt with can cause damaging results later. The title of Wilson’s book, Hurt People Hurt People, is a perfect description of what can happen. Wilson, knowing change is not easy, said it best when she said, “We must enter the change process with open eyes. When we do, we’ll see that the necessary truth requires tears, time and even some terror” (p. 96).
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