How Can A Company Measure Its Competitive Advantage?

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How can a company measure its competitive advantage? How does a firm know if it is gaining or losing competitive advantage? Cite a global company and its source of competitive advantage?
Competitive advantage is the ability of an organization to offer to the market the same products compared to the competitors at a lower cost through “price", or providing a higher quality through "differentiation" that costs more than the competitors ' product. In fact, companies that compete in the same industry and core business, such as Sony, Samsung, and Philips in the audiovisual industry, or Nike, adidas, and Puma in the clothing manufacturing industry, should understand the nature of the market and analyze the key factors that differentiate each one from the others. a company gain a competitive advantage in the market if:
• A company competes through "cost" the product offered to the customers should be identical to the competitors at a lower price.
• A company that competes through “differentiation", the product should be visibly higher in terms of quality and more expensive than the other products in the same industry.
Samsung electronics has gained its competitive advantage from doing business for years in the audiovisual industry. At first, Samsung was not a strong competitor to the electronics giants at that time, such as Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic. In fact, Samsung introduced its products by producing similar products at a lower price in order to survive within the
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