How Can An Individual Be Identified As A Hindu?

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How can an individual be identified as a Hindu? One question that has rose through centuries that what exactly is meant by Hindu identity and how can one be identified as a Hindu? A man therefore can be identified as a Hindu through following ways Based on birth, on its beliefs, Religious practices and lifestyles but on the other hand one can become a Hindu by conversion, just by following religious beliefs and practices any person from any particular background cannot become a Hindu.
Hinduism is different from other world religions. Throughout his long history, however, Hinduism has rarely displayed a missionary spirit although there have been times when communities outside India have become Hindus (as, for example: - Indonesia, …show more content…

Although Hindu does basically simply mean Indian, Hinduism cannot be equated with India, despite being overwhelmingly found there. On the other hand Hinduism itself is to be found outside India in Bali, as a result of cultural diffusion, and in West Indies and East Africa, as a result of more recent population movements. To a Hindu, religion is all pervading, but that is not quite the same as being obsessively concerned about it, for Hindus do not see religion as something extraneous to their lives, or as duty imposed upon them from outside.

Do Hindus Worship one god or many gods?

The worship of Many Gods in Hinduism, has its genesis in the discovery of the ultimate reality, the source of all creation, by the ancient sages of the Vedas. The divinity of god resides everywhere and in all things. “Just as the ocean pervades all waves, just as clay pervades all pots, just as gold pervades all ornaments, so too god permeates all things
All sought to inculcate this sublime idea, that God is present in all forms of creation, into the minds of the ordinary person, by ascribing a divinity and a sacredness to the various elements of nature – especially those that are beneficial to mankind. God is present in air, water, fire and electricity (lightening) as Vayu, Varuna, Agni and Indra. He is present as the spiritual light, which shines

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