How Can Ocean Mining Should Be Protected

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For a long time, people have been draining the land of the precious resources. The resources extracted from the Earth are minerals important for gadgets and with more variety, resources are being taken at faster rates than before. Now that the land does nat have many minerals left people have gone to the ocean to get minerals. Not everyone agrees with underwater mining. Conservationist believes this mining could greatly impact the biodiversity of the ocean that should be protected and since we do not know the full effect of mining to the ocean It's better not do take the chance. In response to this, The ISA or International Seabed Association launched by the United Nations set restrictions on where the minerals were mined. They issue contracts to countries to mine but tell them where they cannot mine.…show more content…
Many people think the exploration of the ocean is proof of advancements in technology. People believe that mining in the ocean can lead to ocean-based power generation and farming.Also, many countries would not object to the chance to get resources from the ocean even with potential harm to the ocean. I do not agree with mining in the ocean. Although it is true that there is much potential in ocean mining, it is hard to overlook the fact that the only reason we are looking at the ocean for minerals is because we depleted the minerals on land and with the depletion of minerals came the extinction of animals. The ocean could face the same fate if we do not at least wait for more research to be done on the effect of this mining. We have not fully explored the ocean so any simple mistake could show to be fatal to animals in the
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