How Can Social Security Numbers Dehumanize Society

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In 1945, the government started to use number to identify a person. Social security number, life insurance, policy number, all identify a person. These number are so important that in the modern day if any person get a hold of these number, a person’s identity could be stolen, meaning that person money, housing and banking could be at risk. In the modern era, numbers are used for everyday life, from purchasing, owning houses, and even drive a vehicle. It's a way the government can keep track of every Americans. Social Security began in 1935 for the sole purpose of tracking the earning histories of the U.S. workers. Now every legal resident of the United States has one. Its easier to keep track due to the era of computers, but its seem dehumanizing …show more content…

White uses chiasmus to persuade government officials that using numbers dehumanize people. For example, the article E.B. White wrote “neither parents has a social security number and neither was secure socially.” This quote from E.B. White will appeal to government officials because, back then before social security numbers and other numbers were necessary, Americans had normal lives even before numbers were distributed. E.B White reflects on his life with his parent life. Social security number were not implemented and E.B. White parents still had a regular life, because there were no need to pretend to be someone else. Everyone was struggling and working. White father, Samuel Tilly White started to work at the age of 13. Each individual American works hard and understand each others. With the modern day of computer recording everything, it feels unsafe relying on them. Government officials will be persuaded to not use number to identify people because, It dehumanize them and also it seem unsafe to rely on numbers and computer alone. recently a hacker hack into 255,000 apple accounts from iPhone users. With technology being more reliant, everyday uses like checking social media or withdrawing money seem more easier, making identity even easier to be stolen. After reading this article, government officials will definitely want to thinking about how to identify people without using numbers or …show more content…

White uses parody to persuade government official that using numbers to identify is dehumanizing. For example Through the whole article E.B. White use number to narrate his article. In modern day, number seem intimidating. whether it's looking a computerized code or looking a check. This will make government official think about how crazy and dehumanizing it is because. Back then looking at number never were never scary, people now a day have to give away address, credit card information and even date of birth. Filling these information feels intimidating and seem unsafe, having a file with every information about a person is terrifying. Government officials will be persuaded to change to a better source to identify a person because, Just having these number are not safe, FTC states in America over 20 million identity theft were committed in the last 5 years. Complete stranger can become anyone they wanted to be if they have the correct information. E.B. White would have never thought anyone would steal White identity. Identity theft doesn't stop from stealing credit card or debit Identity fraud has grown to include theft of cell and landline phone service, cable. Identity thieves will also use stolen identities to obtain employment and to deceive police when arrested. Just knowing a few number can cause so much trouble. After reading this article, government officials will definitely change their their number system to identify a

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