How Can We Remember The Holocaust?

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The Holocaust was the genocide of about six million Jews caused by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime during World War II. Many who survived this period have shared their stories with others. It is important for Holocaust survivors to document their experiences because it is a large part of history, younger generations should know about the past, and remembering the Holocaust can prevent something similar from happening today. Not only is the Holocaust a large part of history in general, but it is a haunting part of Jewish history. Many Jewish survivors have tried to shut out their past, but it is almost impossible for them to forget something that has impacted their lives in such a huge way. One survivor, Zelda Fuksman, said, “Teaching about the Holocaust is not just our job, it's our inheritance. It's our history. We can't rewrite it and we can't forget it” (“Next Generations Holocaust…”). It is people like Zelda who help the public and Jewish community remember and learn about an important part…show more content…
We need to prevent history from repeating itself, and the stories of survivors help us to do so. For example, Iby Knill is an Auschwitz survivor and “a tireless speaker for schools, community groups and other organisations, telling her story as a warning of the dangers of discrimination and persecution” (“Iby Knill…”). By sharing their stories, Holocaust survivors bring awareness to the causes and effects of genocide. This awareness allows us to keep people like Adolf Hitler from rising to power today. Holocaust survivors must tell their stories. As long as people continue to learn about the Holocaust and its detrimental effects, we can prevent something similar from happening today. The survivors who let others know about their past allow us to learn and grow from their stories, and they help us create a better
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