How Can You Find Your Own Life?

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There are moments in the lives of each and every one of us where we discover something new about ourselves. Truthfully these things that we discover may not be that interesting but surprisingly the way that we discover them might be. For the realization might not have surfaced because of a simple walk down a brick road. Rather it may come from the act of reflecting upon a certain theme or challenge that takes place in a book that we have once read. Maybe we find ourselves relating to the character in some way. Maybe the realization arose through a conversation with a family member, a time when you helped them through a problem, and while doing so you noticed that some of the advice you gave them if you were to apply that to your own life, …show more content…

I mean I’ve made it through the gates, that’s a plus, but I have no idea as to where I’m supposed to go. School has not started yet and a morning meeting place was not exactly established on their website. I take a look around and notice the various administrators stationed on either side of the school’s entrance hall, offering help to bewildered students like myself. However, I didn’t want to bother one of these busy adults – actually, I was too scared to. So rather I decided that I would just follow the flow of traffic. Luckily that played out quite well, leading me promptly through the hallways until eventually arriving in the cafeteria, otherwise known as the “Galley”. I eventually determined that the cafeteria was named the “Galley” because it fit in with the school’s nautical theme. Not only is the galley the place to go at lunch time but as I had just found out, it is also the morning rendezvous. Good to know.
The bell rings soon after I arrive, so I reach my hand into my right-hand side pocket and retrieve my schedule, which is currently folded into fourths so it can fit into the pockets of my khaki cargo shorts without issue. I now unfold the schedule that is now in my hand revealing my classes for my 6th grade school year. “Woohoo I have English 1st period”, I think to myself as I continue to read down the list which is 8 classes long. I have always loved reading and especially writing. To me, it’s almost therapeutic. For

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