How Childhood Is The Most Influential Stage Of Life

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Some say that childhood is the most influential stage of life, the stage that shapes the future for that child into how they will develop into adulthood. With this in mind, we are always watching what our children are learning, and providing them with the building blocks that will help them grow up into a good person someday, we watch and guide them, being careful they are not exposed to some things too early and others not too late. Take fairy tales for example. Kids today know all the fairy tales, or at least most of them. But they only know what we let them see, which, in most cases is the revised Disney version of fairy tales that always have a happy ending and are therefore deemed appropriate for young children. However now some are …show more content…

This name came from her appearance, as she was always covered in dust and dirt from sleeping in the ashes by the fire (Grimm 1).Although the main abuse that is depicted in this story is attributed to Cinderella, the stepsisters are also abused by their mother. When the prince urges them to try on the shoe, each of their feet did not fit. For one her toes did not fit, and so her mother told her to cut off her big toe in order to make it fit. As for the other, her heel was too large and therefore she was told to cut a piece of her heel off. And to both girls she had used the same phrase; “Cut off [a piece of your heel/your toe]. When you are queen you will no longer have to go on foot.”(Grimm 4) which shows how she encouraged the girls to mutilate themselves. This in an of itself is terrible and in the end it didn’t even work. Aside from the amount of abuse that is depicted in this story, it also paints a negative picture of what having a stepfamily is like. Children tend to try and apply what they learn to their lives, and if they get this idea of stepfamily treating others badly, it may affect them in the future, should they ever become a part of one. They may make assumptions about them from what they have learned, thus affecting their relationship with their stepparent or stepsibling(s). Another aspect of Cinderella that is most known about is her leaving behind her glass

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