How Children Carry the Weight of Child Abuse Essay examples

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The spirits of children are shattered, tender hearts broken with words, and precious bodies riddled and limp from abuse. Eyes that should glisten with wonder and excitement are enveloped with dismay and destruction. Fathers physically beat their little girls. Mothers leave newborns in locked cars, and some parents degrade their children with verbal daggers. Child abuse is much more serious than people want to believe. Child abuse comes in different forms: neglect, physical, and verbal abuse. But what are even more serious are its effects: inability to properly function in society, fear of trust, and a broken self-esteem. We should all be there to help these children, by holding their hands, or even giving them a sincere smile.

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The neglect first administered by their parent or parents stays a part of their life. I remember when I was about seven or eight years old, my older sister had a dance recital that had been planned for weeks. The day of the recital my parents had a fight, but before my dad left he promised my sister he would be there. My mom, my sisters, and I went to the recital; we waited, called him, and even looked around for him, but he never showed up. My sister felt that my dad was mad at her and that is why he didn't show up at the recital. She was heartbroken and to this day still has a hard time relying on my father. He made her feel as if he didn't care. This incident created a weight on her shoulders, which can be seen in her inability to keep friends. She is always worried that people aren't going to be there for her when she really needs them and states that the only person she can count on is herself. For you see, she doesn't believe that people really care about her and that it is all just a show. Children remember many things when they are little and the things their parents don't do for them are the hardest to forget.

Secondly, fear of trust due to a type of abuse leads to a heart shattering paranoia that can stay with them throughout their whole life. Children who grew up being beaten by their fathers often end up with a boyfriend or girlfriend that treats them the same way. They fear that they

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