How Clean Is Your Water?

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How Clean is Your Water? There are few necessities for basic survival, not only for humans, but for all living creatures. The only basic necessities we all need are air, water, food and shelter. Everyone has access to air. Generally, people can go to their local supermarket and purchase food, grow their own food or are given food stamps from the government. There are even homeless shelters and programs for people without shelter to utilize. Yet not everyone in America today has access to clean, drinkable water.
Many large American cities do not have access to the clean water they desperately need. Clean water is essential for a healthy body, everyone must drink enough water on a daily basis for their bodies to function correctly. Clean …show more content…

Without clean drinking water, the body stops functioning properly. Consuming enough clean water daily to keep the body functioning is essential for living a healthy life.
Since clean water is necessary for the body to function properly and people don’t have access to clean water on their own, clean water is a basic human right and should be treated as such by the government. Before the industrial revolution in America, our water was cleaner, and people had access to clean water on their own. There was no need for water cleaning facilities to provide clean water because there was less pollution. In my geology class last semester, I was shocked to learn that today only 3% of the Earth’s water is technically “freshwater,” 85% of that 3% consists of glaciers and icebergs, leaving hardly any available freshwater. Once factories started popping up all across America and companies started dumping waste into waterways. This caused natural water sources to become heavily polluted and unsafe to consume without being treated. Figures 1-4, were taken at the Oradell Reservoir. Most towns and cities have some facility for cleaning their water and pumping that clean water into their homes. Figure 3 is a photo of the new water treatment plant in Oradell, NJ. This water treatment plant provides water to thousands of residents in several different surrounding towns. Without this water treatment facility, these residents would not be able to

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