How College Can Be Expensive

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College can be expensive. In these tough economic times everyone is looking for ways to save money in any way possible. Here are some simple things that you can do to help reduce the cost of your schooling. One way to greatly decrease the price of your education is to start off with community college. A junior college is much cheaper than a university, but they usually offer the same core curriculum. You can go to a local school for your first couple of semesters and get your basics out the way. This will save a lot of money and you can just transfer the credits to the university you want to attend and finish all the classes needed for your degree. If you are unsure which specific classes transfer, the counselors even keep transfer plans…show more content…
There are programs like this one for a variety of fields. Your college counselor will have more information about the ones that are available in your area. Following these simple tips can greatly reduce the cost of college. This can give you an advantage in today 's hard times.
When parents sign their children up for activities, they of course have to keep in mind what the children themselves want, and that is fun. Activities for the average youngster these days include swimming lessons, baseball, football, gymnastics, and ballet. All of these options are great for interaction with their friends, time alone for their parents, and exercise, but there is an option that can be equally as fun that can have a great impact on the child 's future. This option is tennis, a truly great individual sport, that can truly be a money making opportunity. Don 't get me wrong, I 'm not saying to force your children to play tennis, however if they try it and like it, then it is a perfect scenario. I picked up a tennis racket for the first time at the age of 18. Within a year, I could have made the team at any high school in my city; however I was already in college. By the time I was finishing up college, I could have made the team at some community colleges earning scholarships. Who knew I would love and excel at tennis, because it is simply not something a child usually has interest in. My parents would have never thought to put me into tennis lessons, and as you will see,
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