How College Dating Has Changed My Life

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College dating has changed a lot since my parents went to school. Courtship and chivalry are dead, or extremely hard to find, and a majority of college students are involved in the ‘hookup culture.’ “A ‘hookup’ is a nonromantic encounter with a friend or acquaintance that involves an unspecified degree of sexual interaction,” (Carpenter and DeLamater 129). When I first started college, I had a very nice relationship that lasted about 3 months. When we both decided to just be friends, it dawned on me that I could sleep with whomever I wanted to. During my second semester in college, I more than doubled the amount of guys I slept with in high school and I know why I did it. I let myself engage in hookup culture because I wanted to rebel against my parents, have some sense of intimacy without commitment, experience new things, and it was so much fun to brag about with my girlfriends. However, after a while I began to miss what I had during my first semester, someone who actually cared about me and wanted to be with me for more than just sex. I often hear numerous complaints in college about not being able to find a significant other. This new style of dating, or hookup culture, lacks a sense of respect and doesn’t allow for an emotional closeness with those students find attractive. It encourages college students to suppress their emotions in order to gain sexual intimacy and that wanting a committed relationship is a thing of the past. Why has courtship and traditional
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