How College Is Worth It Essay : Is College Worth It?

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Victoria Toney Prof. McClure ENGL 1023 7 September 2017 College is Worth It In recent years, the steadily increasing cost of college tuition along with a decrease in job availability and financial security has made many people question whether college is worth it or not. An integral part of the payout one gets back from the time consuming and expensive investment of a college degree can depend on what major and career path the student chooses. In order for students to make smarter decisions about college, debt, and majors, students and parents need more guidance and information than is currently provided. When properly utilized, a college degree is invaluable due to the critical thinking skills learned. Like most things in life, you get out what you put in. The opportunity cost of going to college is relatively low. Four years of full-time wages are missed, but within a few years after graduation, it is likely that college graduates will make up for those lost wages with their degree. College prepares one to think critically, problem-solve, and analyze things. Once a student can do those things, one can essentially learn anything with enough training. No matter what a student learns in college, they will know nothing about the company that hired them or how they work. A good college program teaches a student how to properly think and approach any type of job and adapt. Intrapersonal development is one of the greatest benefits that one can

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