Is College Worth It Essay

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Now days, many people are told that they must graduate high school with good grades, so that they can get into a good college and be successful in life. Many people follow this because it’s what they have been taught their whole life. Most won’t even ask themselves, is college worth it, or is there a better alternative out there. College can be worth the time and money that is invested, for a lot of individuals, if they use it correctly. On the other hand, college isn’t for everyone and there are many reasons that make it not very appealing for these individuals. I consider college to be worth it if you use it correctly, even if it isn’t the best financial investment. While there are many people who think college is worth the time and money invested, there are others who disagree. Many people in the United States view college as being an excellent use of time and money. College is an opportunity to further your education and get the job of your dreams. Many employers will hire someone with a Bachelor’s degree over those with just a high school diploma because, college teaches many important skills giving these students the advantage. Mikahail Zinshteyn from HechingerReport reported that college graduates with a Bachelor’s degree scored higher on a literacy test than those without a degree. The study also showed that college graduates that earned a Bachelor’s degree got the top score on the literacy test three times more often than those with just a high school diploma

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