How Dangerous Are Mutants

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Are mutants a dangerous species to the public? After observing the film X-Men: days of Future Past, mutants seemed to be very powerful and possessed many traits to allow them to control many different situations. Many humans should fear not only their lives, but their future government and their children's children. At the rate of mutant’s production they could soon wipe out the human element of the nation. Humans of the X-Men: days of Future Past society should be terrified of mutants because, they are the bad part of superpowers, mutants can wipe out the human population and they have the ability to take over a nation.
Mutants are considered the bad part of superpowers because the powers are naturally installed into them. Mutants don’t have to take super enhancing drugs or be bitten to gain power, which makes them extremely dangerous to humans. By mutants being born with powers, it posses a threat to humans because they would still have to learn the concept of controlling their powers. Some mutants may even decide to use their natural born gift in a negative way which could get many humans hurt. Also with mutants having so much power it could boost up their confidence and convince them to be an overruling …show more content…

With mutants having a great deal of power and confidence they are able to do some dangerous things if there is no one there to keep them under control. The mutant and human clash would be a competition for more so a spot in the society versus the current day problems that humans are experiencing. Mutants will always be the dominant object when it comes to humans, which is why every human should fear mutants and their abilities to have the upper hand in every situation. In conclusion, humans should be terrified of mutants because they are the worse part of obtaining superpowers, the mutated group could wipe out the population of humans, and their ability of running a

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