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Ayanna Schoolfield
Mrs. Cranon- Charles
Political Science
13 November 2015

Ayanna Schoolfield
Mrs. Cranon-Charles
Political Science
November 13, 2015

Before we take a look on how democracy is influenced and what role does the Constitution play when discussing the effects on democracy, we must first know what democracy is. The formal definition of democracy is a form of government by the people, but what we need to further evaluate what this really means. According to David Plotke in his article Representation is democracy, democracy is when the people have representatives who aim to fulfill their needs and achieve different targets that the people want. Ultimately, the people are
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There are 4 parts of the Constitution that specifically affects democracy and its success in serving the people of America.
The first element of the Constitution I want to dive into is the three branches of government, otherwise knows as the legislative branch, the executive branch, and the judicial branch. The ideal of the Constitution was to give America a healthy, stable, and legitimate government with limited powers to avoid conflicts between authority and the people. In other words, the Constitution was designed to dodge totalitarianism. In order to avoid this form of government, the Constitution came up with an elaborate way to separate powers between the government and the result was the three branches of government. The three branches of government’s job was to ensure a fair and strong government by equally separating power among the three. It’s job as a whole was also to prevent too much power or the abuse of power to one central person in the government. Although this may seem like enough information on how this affects democracy, we still need to assess exactly what the three branches of government do for us as the people and how it represents the people of the government since that it was democracy is. The first of the three branches of government is the legislative branch. The legislative branch includes the Congress, Senate, and the House of
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