How Democratic Is Canada? Essay

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Name: Sarbdeep Singh
Student No. :802478
Subject: Political Science Term paper
"How democratic is Canada" ? what are some of Canada 's strenghts and weakness as a democratic country ?
In the present era, the democratic government is mostly liked by the people as this is also known as "People 's Government". This paper seeks to better understanding of the democracy in Canada and this also tell us about various kind of democracies and he type of democracy present in canada and it also develop our understanding about strenghts and weakness of canadian democracy. Also, it tell us about the rights people have in canada.
It is made up of two words : "Demos" and "kratos"
"Demos" means "the people",
"Kratos" means "Authority" , and the collectively meaning of both words is the "People 's Authority".
It may be defined as the "Government of the people, by the people and for the people" (Abrahim Lincoln (1809-1865) ). In the democratic country like Canada , leaders are elected by the people and the rughts of people are protected. it is of two types:
1. Direct Democracy 2. Indirect Democracy
Direct Democracy: it is defined as the political system in which citizens are directly involved in the decision making process. Adding more to it, citizens can vote on all legislation . For eg: Switzerland which is the first and the foremost government example of the direct democracy.
Indirect Democracy: it is

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