How Democratic Is The U.s. Constitution?

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How Democratic is the U.S. Constitution? Democracy, a form of government where significant power is vested in the people and the people exercise their power by electing representatives or exercise their power directly by themselves via assembly. The U.S. Constitution was once considered to be Democratic – however – after an examination of the 3 branches of government the U.S. Constitution has some seemingly undemocratic attributes. There are features in all 3 branches that makes the U.S. Constitution seem undemocratic. The Executive Branch is undemocratic in the presidential election, specifically the Electoral College. The Legislative Branch is undemocratic in the Senatorial and House of Representative representation of the states. Lastly, the Judicial Branch is undemocratic due to its power of Judicial Review and the appointment process of new judges. Nevertheless, despite these features, I do not believe the U.S. Constitution should be truly classified as an undemocratic government. Firstly, the Executive Branch is undemocratic due to the establishment of the Electoral College. Because the electoral vote decides the winner of presidential election, the Electoral College has the power to undermine the people’s power to elect representatives. The common practice of winner-takes-all is not mandated in the Constitution and allows from time to time for a candidate to the win the popular votes, but lose the election when the other wins the electoral votes. It gives the
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