How Did Anne Moody Contribute To The Civil Rights Movement

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The abolishment of slavery in 1865 was only the beginning of a long, strenuous fight for African American citizens in the United States. The abolition may have freed the slaves physically but did not free them of the social injustices they had yet to endure. The African American civil rights movement took place in 1954 through 1968. ( The civil rights movement is described as the struggle for social justice, a battle fought for blacks to be seen as equals under the laws of the United states. Many people were involved in progressing the movement including but not limited to Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X and Anne Moody. Throughout her lifetime Anne Moody has had a major impact on the African American Civil rights movement. Despite her personal struggles, Moody used her life to promote the enlightenment and progression of African American citizens. Moody’s perseverance, hatred, and alienation contributed to her educational and creative success as well as her contributions to the Civil Rights Movement in the novel, Coming of age in Mississippi.
Essie Mae Moody also known as Anne Moody was born September 15, 1940 in Wilkerson County Mississippi to Fred Moody and Elnire Davis. ( She was the eldest of nine. After her parents divorced, Moody grew up with her mother nicknamed, Toosweet in Centreville Mississippi. Meanwhile her father lived nearby in a town known as Woodville Mississippi. In order to help support her family Moody had to
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