How Did Astronomy Affect Early Egypt?

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ient Egypt was an established civilization of Northeastern Africa. Located near the lower half of the Nile River, it was an extremely sophisticated civilization for its time. The Egyptians were especially intelligent in agriculture and infrastructure. They had pyramids and temples, that were places of worship and used for religious matter. Basic buildings that were used for things like banking and irrigations systems used to control flooding. The Egyptians were able to adjust and modify to their natural surroundings as well. By predicting the flood of the Nile River, they were able to stimulate agriculture and maintain their population. They were also pioneers in a number of new technologies; some of which are highly used today. Much of…show more content…
In a way, King Tut was a part of the sun god Ra- or at least claimed to be. As you can see, this gets very complex very fast. Ceremonies were also a large part in religion. Astronomy played a role within ceremonies and the worship of the gods. Religious ceremonies took place for many reasons. On of the most known is funerary practice. In order to honor the fallen pharaoh or important figure a large ceremonie, similar to a parade, would take place so individuals could worship the god and pray for their well being in the afterlife. Other processions of public celebrations or festivals where people could perform offerings and other acts of worship in order to please the gods. Another aspect of astronomy in religion was star and sky worship. Certain god and goddess were seen in constellations and other were represented by astronomical bodies. For example, the Milky Way Galaxy represented the sky goddess giving birth. Another example is Ra; like I said earlier, Ra is the sun god. To the egyptians the sun brought light, warmth and food. Many would pray to the sun in order to have a good harvest. Astronomy was very influential in religion. Star worship and ceremonies have common ground when it comes to astronomy and religion. The use of astronomy in Egyptians everyday lives can be categorized as practical use. Astronomy played a role in the everyday life of Egyptians. Egyptian astronomers, who were often also priest, noticed that the flood of the Nile River
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