How Did Castles Change In England Between 1066 And 1500

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“Explain why castles changed in England between 1066 and 1500”
Castles were extremely important during 1066 – 1500 and they changed overtime to get more protection. A castle is a fortification that was used in the middle ages to protect territory against an invasion. They were important during these times because many kings and lords wanted to show off how wealthy they are and they used them as bases, controlling their land and people from a higher point.
The first stage of the castle development is the motte and bailey castles. The motte is a hill or a mound with a flat surfaced top and it is the hardest point to attack. Whereas the bailey is inside the wells were people lived and the cops were grown. The King and lords who built castles used them as bases from which they could control their land and people, furthermore it also protected them from wars and showed people how powerful and rich they were. Examples of motte and bailey castles are Windsor castle, Lincoln castle, …show more content…

The wooden towers of a motte and bailey castle were removed and replaced with stone, because the towers were hollow, it was called a shell keep. Castles with a shell keep were better than the early Norman ‘motte and bailey castles’ because it was an expensive way of strengthening the motte, the fragile wooden fence around the motte was replaced with a stone wall. The castle engineers during the Norman period of time did not trust the motte to support the enormous weight of a stone keep, but the a common solution to that problem was to replace the wooden stakes enclosing the castle with a stone wall then building wooden buildings backing onto the inside of the wall. This construction was great because it meant that the walls could be thinner and lighter. The shell keep castles were less popular and were relatively short lived, the style stopped being popular very quickly. Castles like York castle Clifford tower have a stone

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