How Did Clothing Change Over Time

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In the last 150 years clothing styles and the creation of clothing has changed drastically. From only custom-made clothing being available to the wealthy to fitted style clothing of the Renaissance period, these changes from the past have influenced clothing style and creation in today’s society. With the rise in technology advancements and influx availability, people are able to create and purchase clothing much easier and quicker than those in the past.

When technology made its way into society, it brought many benefits with it, specifically to fashion designers. Before the many different technology advancements, many designs for clothes were created by hand. Once specific designs were created, designers did not have specific visualization
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The mass production of clothing allowed many people to have many different styles of clothing that fit in with specific time periods. “They were up-to-date fashion items that could easily be replaced as styles changed.” (Source 1). In other words, with mass production came one of a kind clothing that was now available to everyone. The clothes created were specific to styles that were popular at the time and if trends suddenly changed, it was not difficult to create new styles that would be available to the people. This was a pivotal time for clothing because now styles that were once limited were now available in variety. Also, with mass production came the shift from women making their own clothes to just being able to purchase it already made and ready for wear. Once mass production of women’s clothing was established, it met the demand of the “rising urban professional class.” (Source 1). During this time [1920’s] women were no longer housewives. Women were now apart of the work life in society and creating clothes at home was no longer a common practice. Mass production of women’s clothing gave women an intake on the many different styles of clothing. Overall mass production aided in the development of many different clothing
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