Impact Of Technology In Fashion

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Technological advancement in regards to Fashion
As technology continues to progress fashion evolves right alongside. Before the invention of the tv the way to spread different styles and outfits was through sketches and designs. By this means it would take extended amounts of time to spread ideas of fashion from one place to another. The influence of technology on the fashion industry cannot be overlooked. Fashion is being rapidly offered to consumers at an amazingly fast rate. Nowadays anybody can have anything they want within the reach of a button on a phone or computer screen, fashion is instantaneous. It used to be following style patterns included venturing to the far corners of the planet in a group of 10 to create a …show more content…

Since social media is so easily accessible to everyone nowadays people don't care to go and grab the latest vogue for inspiration, they will go on their phones and check their instagram, twitter, Facebook or any social media account to see whats trending. In L2's Advanced IQ List, which positions form brands as per their site offerings, online business, computerized advertising and web-based social networking mindfulness, US ladies' dress planner Tory Burch beats understood worldwide extravagance brands, for example, Gucci, Hermes and Chanel. This shows the huge impact the influence of social media can have on the Fashion industry, the world is moving and progressing through social media and those who chose not to utilize this part of technology so widely used, are going to fall behind those who do. People who are very high up in social media have a very big platform to promote and influence others. Nowadays if you have a huge amount of followers you are practically famous with all eyes watching you. Fashion corporations want people who have this huge platform on social media to promote their styles due to the fact people are going to be strongly persuaded to want or to want to look like something if someone they keep up with on social media looks a certain way or wears a certain piece. Fashion trends from all over the world come to meet each other, merge, change and evolve through social media. The concept of the see

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