How Did Coffee Play A Pivotal Role In The Scientific Revolution In Europe

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1. Who did Europeans get coffee from and how did it spread to Europe?
Europeans smuggled coffee beans in from the Arab Port Of Mocha when they visited. From there, the popularity of coffee had spread to Italy, France and Indonesia.

2. Why was it so important to Europe's development that many people's beverage of choice switched from alcohol to coffee?
Abandoned Turk trench lines after the siege of Vienna contained coffee beans, and the drink spread quickly throughout Europe. It proved to be much cheaper than the ingredients for alcohol.

3. Describe coffee's effect on the global balance of power (in terms of commerce).
Coffee has not only impacted the world socially, but it provides financial means for many countries who export their coffee beans.

4. How did coffee play a pivotal role in the scientific revolution? (give lots of detail)
Before coffee there were two choices for hydration - water or alcoholic beverage. The water was not purified so often made people sick. The alcohol would purify the beverage but made everyone drunk. Coffee, boiling water actually, gave a new source of fluids that was not alcoholic, was not full of microbes, and the caffeine gave a little kick.

5. How did coffee play a pivotal role in the 'financial revolution'?
The new drink of coffee, and the shops in the City of London where it was sold became the furnaces of the financial revolution. Wealthy, influential men met in these coffee shops and began to trade in stock and shares,

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