How Did Diana Change The World

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Many of her charities came together and opened a Centre in India in her honor. After her death, in 1999, The Diana Princess of Wales Health Education and Media Centre opened in India. The purpose of establishing the Centre was to promote Leprosy victims’ rights in India. After her death, the charities she worked closely with, grieved for the loss of their global spokeswoman and publicity. Many of the charities do not get as much media coverage as they did when Diana was alive. With her help, Diana showed people all over the world the type of work she was doing. Without her voice the world was in the dark about important work charities are doing in the world. Now the slack of Diana’s work has been picked up by her two sons, William and Harry.…show more content…
She accomplished so much in her shortened lifetime. Many people all over the world wished to be in Diana’s shoes and often others tried, but they were simply too big to fill. No one else had the drive and desire Diana did to save the world. A young patient once described Diana as, “the friend who always left us smiling” (Wood 31). Her sons, William and Harry, do a lot to follow in their mother’s footsteps and they instill good through the sick and needy every day. Even William’s wife, Catherine Middleton, feels the pressures of the media and everyone that was close to Diana. Catherine feels the need to fulfill her shoes because she sees her mother-in-law as a great person who should still needs to be honored every day. Diana lived a very glamorous lifestyle, meeting new and exciting people everywhere she went. She had the chance to become very good friends with Mother Teresa and Elton John. She also g had the pleasure of meeting President Ronald Regan and the First Lady of the United States of America. Diana also had the honor of dancing with John Travolta at the White House. He describes his experience as, “For fifteen minutes, she made me feel like a prince. It was absolutely magical” (Wood 28). Her legacy lives on through her family and the people that knew her well. Many organizations, buildings and people have been named after her such as, her granddaughter Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge.
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