How Did Edgar Allan Poe Affect His Life

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The occurrences that happen every day affect us. The way one feels about a situation, respond to traumatic events, and personal circumstances have a profound effect on one’s life. Poe had a short yet intense life and his emotions emerged in his writing for everyone to experience. Background events, emotions and things he may not even have understood began to bleed through into his writing. His personal thoughts, feelings and past experiences flowed out onto the paper. Whether he wanted it or not, Edgar Allan Poe's background influenced his writing of stories and poems.
Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 19, 1809. One year later his father abandoned his family. A year after that Poe’s mother passed away from Tuberculosis, leaving him to grow up in foster care. His mother, the one person that he loved and depended on as a baby has left this life. One couldn’t imagine the traumatic impact this has on a young child. He has lost both his parents and is now being raised by another family. As he grew older could he be wondering if his own birth may have been the cause of his father's abandonment and even his mother’s death?
Poe and his foster mother, Frances Allan, grew closer and developed a strong bond, but by 1829 she died of Tuberculosis. His grief caused him to leave his military post to visit her funeral. Two years later, Poe’s older brother also died of Tuberculosis. Years later in his life Poe gets secretly married to his cousin named Virginia.

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