How Did Harry Truman Influence Our Country

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Harry S. Truman Lead our country through many hard times. And that’s why i’m going to talk about him. His life began May 8th 1884 in Lamar, Missouri. As a young boy, Truman loved to read, and with many other boys his age, wanted to join the military. Eventually, he got his wish and fought in WWI But on returning, he decided to get married. Yet, alas he married his love Bess Wallace on June 28th, 1919, in Independence Missouri. Harry S. Truman had started off with a fine life , until he got into politics. When Truman showed an interest in becoming a politician, his goals showed out to be much more challenging. As Harry Truman grew closer to reaching his goal, he also became closer to presidency. Until he had reached the closest yet, the U.S. Senate. He had gotten as high as needed for now. But better was yet to come for Harry S. Truman. Let's see what better is. …show more content…

Truman finally was elected as Vice President under Franklin Roosevelt in 1944, and on his death, Truman took office on April 12th, 1945. Over the next five months, significant events occurred to help with the end of WWII. One was how the U.S. secretly started developing an atomic weapon for the use to end the war. This was also known as the Manhattan Project. Meanwhile,over in Germany, the allied forces were cornering the Germans. Therefore, forcing their surrender.By then, scientists in the U.S. ahd completed their marvelous weapon. Yet finally, they dropped this atomic bomb on Hiroshima August 6th, 1945. Now finally, the war struggle was ended and peace was restored to Europe. But what would Germany receive as a

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