How Did Japan Use Propaganda During Ww2

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Propaganda During WWII Propaganda during WWII was vital for a country to win the support of its people. Most importantly getting the people dedicated to the cause the country was fighting for. Propaganda had a way of unifying a people to believe in something whether it is true or not true. Japan’s government was a good example for winning the support of its people through propaganda. They would often convince there people that they are superior over everyone else. The Japanese would also gather officers and other important well know POW’s for interrogation and Propaganda purposes. Seeing as the Japanese citizens have heard about these people before they were captured the Japanese government used it to their advantage. Some of the people may have even idolized or admired those people before the war so if the Japanese people that were head of the propaganda could make those people talk highly of the Japanese war effort, they could easily win a lot of support. A fascist government like Japans would often control and regulate what the media says or does in that country. …show more content…

They would often lie about entire battles being lost and won. Such as in Unbroken where it said in the newspaper when the American bomber was flying near the city they said that they bravely fought it off when actually it just flew away because it was finished with what it was doing. Unbroken did a great job at explaining how important it was for the Japanese to use propaganda as a tool for winning the support of its people by seeing the point of view of an important athlete know as Louise Zamperini who was captured and attempted to use as a puppet for the Japanese propaganda. In the book Unbroken they also had used Louise to run up against a Japanese athlete knowing Louise’s health was diminished he would lose the race proving the Japanese was superior to the Americans in every

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