How Did Kurt Cobain Commit Suicide

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Ally Cole Ms. Scannell English III Honors March 3, 2017 The Death of Kurt Cobain: Suicide or Murder Is it possible for a woman who is in the public eye to murder her husband, the father of their one year old daughter? Kurt Cobain and his wife Courtney Love had a difficult relationship that resulted in a lot of rumors. Some people may wonder who is Kurt Cobain, he is a musician with conspiracy theory about how he died, although the police say he committed suicide some people think he was murdered, this paper talks about who he was, leading up to him being found, and how he was found. Kurt Cobain is the frontman of the 90’s rock band Nirvana. He was married to Courtney Love for two years before he died in 1994. The Seattle Police Department say that he had committed suicide but conspiracy theorists say otherwise. Some say that the police are wrong and he did not commit suicide but was, in fact, murdered. They say that Courtney Love was behind it. After a documentary called Soaked In Bleach was released in …show more content…

She had the card cancelled since that was his only money source. She claims that he does not have any friends or anyone to help him get money. She explains that the fake overdose story she had planted was only to scare Kurt so he would try to contact her. She continues to ramble still enraged by the fact he had turned to the $9.5 million deal. She said he should have taken the money for Frances. She said she would do Lollapalooza since she is also a musician. She would do Saturday Night Live is he did not want to. She would do anything he did not want to as along as it had to do with publicity. She then continues to say that she does not know for sure where he is. He could be back in Seattle or he could be with Michael Stipe who is the lead vocalist for R.E.M. What Courtney had failed to tell Tom was that their nanny Cali claims that he saw Kurt at the Lake Washington

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