How Did Oprah Winfrey Inspire Me

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Me and you right Know have someone who inspires us, so much that we want to Exceed his or her achievements. There are many Different types of role models, they can be singers, Public speakers, Friends Or family. But above them, all is Opera Winfrey.

Oprah Winfrey, Is a Big part of my life, from her speeches, shows, Passions and the Rough Childhood she had once Lived. When Most People Think of Oprah Winfrey They think of her fame or her money. But I have a whole different view of her yes opera has money But think of how she earned that money.

Oprah always keeps a Positive Mindset Despite her hard childhood experiences. When Opera was nine years old She was abused and rapped which made opera pregnant at such a young age. But Oprah Fought through it and forgave, and didn’t hold that against herself. When opera was young she even got abused by her mother and got a lack of attention from her. But what inspires me is that even though her difficult life Oprah Stuck up for her education and made it a priority, And not a minority. Oprah has many life incidents that inspire me greatly and Through her life, she will keep inspiring me.When We think of successful people we think of them as being smart and intelligent and that they were …show more content…

Another one of Oprah Quote that inspires me is “surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher". This quote has a lot of meaning to me. In my personal perspective it means, Don’t surround yourself with the mediocre people who just want to be your friends because they think you are cool but surround yourself with those friends that will help you aim higher for your goals and one day inspire you so much that you will reach your

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