How Did Pope Francis Influence Its Followers

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In conclusion, the results proved the first part of my hypothesis and disproved the second part. Pope Francis’s approval ratings have little to do with how much a nation’s Catholics agree with the Pope on “domestic issues”. I suggest this may be a result of the less religious aspects of the modern Pope. The Pope is a world leader and has a large foreign policy presence that transcends basic church theology and scripture. Pope Francis, like Pope John Paul II, is a man who can influence the world in ways that most secular leaders cannot. Pope Francis’s calls to end wars, promote the environment, and defend human rights have won him the praise of the world. Fortunately for church, sometimes negative perceptions of the church have not bogged down the approval of Pope Francis. Unfortunately for the church, the popularity for the Pope has not caused Catholics worldwide to adopt all the Church’s positions. One could argue that Pope Francis’s popularity is a result of his perceived progressivism compared to other Catholic leaders. However, Pope Francis unquestionably still stands politically to the right of average Catholic worldwide on social issues, despite his perceived liberal streak. Nonetheless, as the data showed, Pope Francis approval rating did not correlate with how socially conservative or liberal a country is. …show more content…

Even though my hypothesis was disproven I can draw a different conclusion from this data; there is a correlation between a country’s socially conservative views and total population growth. For example, there is strong correlation between a country’s Catholic population’s opposition to contraception and total population growth between 2000 and 2015 (R= .7716). This makes plenty of sense

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