Pope Francis Essay

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Jennifer Willman
Journal #5

I like many others, have become intrigued by our newest pope. I found a few articles online that I have found very interesting. This is the first time that I have actually cared or even read about the pope. As I was reading these articles there were little bits that I had to look up because I had no idea what they were or what they meant. Unfortunately, I resorted to reading the wiki website. I could understand what they were talking about on that website, verses other “official” sites that made no sense to me. This weekend I went to the library with my kids and even picked up a book about the Vatican and the history of all the popes. I’m excited to read it and find out about the different
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But it definitely sends a clear message. I feel that this pope is going to send a lot of new messages and change a lot of things. More interesting info was that, along with his degree’s in chemistry, philosophy, and theology, that Pope Francis was also a teacher. He taught philosophy, theology, literature, and psychology to college students before becoming a bishop. I found it cute that he was once a bouncer for the nightclub called Buenos Aires. He used his money from that job to pay for his pre-ecclesiastical studies. The second article that I read, was from the same website, but was posted about two weeks after the other article I read. Yet again it is more insight to our newest pope and how he is already changing the face of the church. It talks about Pope Francis going to pay his own hotel bill, he canceled his own newspaper subscription, and he often says that priests from him on down need to serve people. Another powerful statement from Pope Francis is that he has chosen to live in the Vatican hotel called the Casa Santa Marta, instead of living in the papal apartment at the Apostolic Palace. The article says, “Francis will use the papal apartment as his workspace, to receive official guests and handle papal business. But he’ll live in the
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