How Did The Black Death Change Medieval Society In Europe

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How did immediate and long-term effects of the Black Death change medieval society in Europe? The triggered movement of the black death spread from Asia to Europe and then the Middle East not only affecting the peasants and other lower class people but the middle and higher class, soon later destroying parts of the feudal system and leading into future generations of advanced inventions, science, and medical practices. It started in central Asia, 1338 awakened by a drought, slowly makings its way to Europe. It finally hit Europe in 1345, 8 years later from the awakening, it first affected Crimea when a trade was being done with the merchant's Italian sailors and Mongolian's but it got out of hand until the point where the Italians were held up in a castle with nowhere to run for a year. The Mongolians soldier finally backed off but when their men starting dropping dead they had the idea to throw the infected dead bodies over the castle wall and into the castle, it was the first bioweapon created. Some of the Italian sailors managed to get away but they ended up carrying the mysterious death with going from town to town but no one would let them stop as infected rats had hidden within the cargo. But it was too late, in 1347, Sicily, the sailors docked but they were forced to move on, the brief encounter, however, allowed the infected rats to climb ashore and start spreading the disease. Soon it spread throughout trade routes such as the silk trade route which

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