How Did The Industrial Revolution Impact Society

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The Industrial Revolution is the rapid development of industry that occurred in Britain and America in the late 18th and 19th centuries. This brought about the introduction of machinery to mass produce goods. It was characterized by the use of steam power, the growth of factories, and the mass production of manufactured goods.This had helped the economical development in the U.S. Through this time in history. Many have advocated that this may have been one of the greatest inventions of its time. The Industrial Revolution allowed a new face of our country through new social classes and mass production of goods, which revolutionized our country forever resulting in growth and stability within the U.S.
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It was all made possible through big events like trading and exchanging ideas along the way. But our successful economy only gave hope to only two in the social class while it created a larger margin for the poor. The major part the revolution played had differentiated those low class workers, blue collar and those of white collar. Resulting in their being upsets within the working class and great deficit. “For the poor and working-class people, their lives changed, but didn’t necessarily improve. For centuries before the Industrial Revolution, the lower classes had earned their living through jobs in agriculture; now they worked in factories”(majewski working poverty). This had an impending effect for those of the poorer society. It only expanded the middle class and as usual, made the rich richer. This didn't sound so persuasive to becoming a top notch country, but that's how success was built. Through these changes in society and our country it propelled the Industrial Revolution and did result in the U.S gaining power and

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