The Industrial Revolution : A Great Period Of Time Essay

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Patrick Thacker
Short Essay

The period of time known as “The Industrial Revolution” was a great period of time filled with rapid industrialization. The industrialization began in Great Britain, but did manage to spread quickly throughout the rest of the world. Managing to leave a rather substantial impact on the United States. So much so that the industrialization that took place in America is commonly referred to as “the second industrial revolution”. The second industrial revolution took shape in the nineteenth century and lasted its way into the early twentieth century with the industrialization that took place post-civil war being the most substantial. This time it brought forth many new inventions and technologies, everything from new productions methods of steel to the telephone. The industrial revolution single-handedly changed the landscape of America and will forever be one of the most significant events in American history. One very early key event in the revolution took place in 1790. When Samuel Slater opened the first American industrial mill in my home state of Rhode Island. British born Slater was able to open this factory with the technologies of the manufacturing industry he learned while being a textile worker back in Britain. Which included making the factory to be water powered. Many consider this event to be the spark that created the fire that was the industrial revolution.
The industrialization brought forth major developments. One of which

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