How Did The Puritan Beliefs Affect Their Beliefs

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The Puritans were a separate group from that of the Catholic Church. They had a vastly different. They had a vastly different belief system and lifestyle from any other religion practiced at the time. Their migration to the colonies of New England brought several economic and cultural changes to the colonies.

Their Belief System The Puritan belief system had an emphasis placed upon the righteousness and sovereignty of the Christian God. Their belief was that all things were directed by the sheer will of God and that he would direct all things to an intellectual end. They also had a partiality to the teachings of the Old Testament. Their view of the Old Testament, particularly that of the story of Adam and Eve, influenced their view of salvation. Their belief was that all humans were immoral sinners incapable of earning any merit in the eyes of God. Their belief structure was focused on the concept of predestination, the religious concept that God chose those who were worth of salvation, and that belief was a constant mainstay of their faith. This belief gave them a reason that allowed them to explain that every human being was bound to obey divine law by the covenant of works and if they disobeyed said covenant of works they would be truly condemned to hell for it. Essentially this meant they had to live every part of their lives strictly by divine law or they would realize the true threat of the fire brimstone of hell. Traditional divine law was inescapable even for

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