How Did Zeus Conquer His Father?

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Zeus was the olympian ruler, and he was also the God of the sky .However, Zeus wasn’t always the ruler of the olympian gods. Zeus was the son of the Titan king (Cronus). When zeus was born Cronus was going to swallow him, like he had with all of his Siblings ( poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demeter and Hera).His mother Rhea hid the newborn baby zeus from his father,she hid him in a cave in Mount dicte. The reason why he was swallowing all of his children was because of the prophecy.The prophecy read that Cronus will be overthrown by his son’s. But how did he actually overthrow his father?Zeus went into a war with Cronus that lasted ten years called the Titanomachy (a series of battles between the titans and the olympians) then Zeus was the winner

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