How Different Types Of Transition May Affect Children's Development

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Different types of transition can affect Children and young person’s development in all areas of development. For example; Their emotional development will be mainly affected as they may feel like what has happened is their fault, as their parents may have separated and they are trying to adjust to not seeing both parents every day. They may be struggling with the transition of getting used to a new home when they visit one of their parents or even a new home themselves too. The parents may have been separated for a while but may be having a baby with their new partner or getting married. Although the Child may seem happy about all the changes they are experiencing, they may also feel equally upset as this makes the separation seem more real …show more content…

Children can struggle with transition from Nursery to school as their whole day and routine is changing, as well as having to get used to new adults and trying to make relationships with them like they had within the Nursery. Sometimes Children can be very emotional and struggle with these changes. If a Child has an illness or even a sibling has an illness or family member, their health can reflect how the Child behaves or feels. From previous experience I have worked with a Child who had a sister who had a disability and I noticed that his behaviour changed or moods changed when his sister was either in hospital or poorly. This affected his development a he found it hard to be in the classroom when he felt like this and became a closed book not wanting to talk about the situation. Having a disability can affect a Child physically as they may be in a wheelchair, not able to run around with other Children and join in with P.E. They may want to be with the others and struggle to understand why they are not the same as their

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