How Diversity and Discrimination are Relevant Issues in Policing

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A diverse society has an increase in global contacts and interactions in all areas because there is the police who ensure that every person in the society receives fair treatment, meets their particular needs and does not discriminate on grounds of color, nationality, ethnicity and a person’s religious orientation. However, some issues are at the societal and individual level and also at the power of the organization and may not be controlled by individual law enforcement officer’s own beliefs (Brown, 2013). This paper will exclusively explore how diversity and discrimination are relevant issues in policing and how these issues have changed over time.

How diversity and discrimination are relevant issues in policing

In 21st century America, a black or Asian police officer could be appointed the commissioner of a metropolitan police department or the Sheriff of a county Sheriff’s Office, in effect to diversify the police agency. However, this recruitment, retention and promotion has now moved backwards because service was made to reflect the community being policed and build confidence and trust in the officers of the law. However, it was done knowing it is unlawful and in effect, discriminating against white candidates, hence attracting opposition from the Federation of the Police and the media who would claim that this would mean lowering the standards set for such appointments (Miller & Orthmann, 2011).

The implementation of lawful equality programs was

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