How Do Measure One Players Worth From A Specific League?

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Introduction: With the advent of technology in baseball expanding with instant replay and newfound statistics to measure player success the MLB and their respective clubs are trying to find new ways to answer the question: How do measure one players worth from another? Is there one statistic by which we can measure performance or player worth across a specific league? There is a strong idea in baseball today that with Sabermetrics someone can only be held responsible if what they make a difference to their team (WAR: It Works | FanGraphs Baseball."). There are two specific ways to judge the extent to which a person made a difference to their team. The first way is to make an action-based contrast and compare the actual action a person took with alternative actions she could have taken (Gerstenberg). In the following modeling experiment the researcher will attempt to answer these questions and model the Sabermetrics, Wins Above Replacement, statistic to measure its effectiveness and compare to its monetary worth. This theoretical model of sabermetrics will give insight to how teams prepare for a players injury, a player who leaves the team or leaves via Free Agency and which players are underperforming. Literature on Sabermetrics and Wins Above Replacement:
Wins Above Replacement: Wins Above Replacement is a statistic that by it’s useful nature, is at it’s core a calculable concept. It’s definition is that, it attempts to measure all of a baseball player 's

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