How Do Members Of The Upper Class Today Modern Western Society Influence The General Population?

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How do members of the upper class in modern Western society influence the general population?


In modern Western societies, the upper class is a social class made up of 1-2 percent of the population that wields the majority of the population’s wealth (Boundless, 2015). It is this 1-2 percent that also has the power to influence the behavior of people in lower social classes, such as the middle and lower class (Boundless, 2015). However, it is how this minority in Western society influences the masses. I chose this topic because I was intrigued by how a minority, such as the upper class, in society has the power to influence the masses. My investigation aims to show how a minority social class uses multimedia, propaganda and wealth to influence the general population on a global scale. Primary sources will include adolescents, adults and seniors of the middle and lower class. Secondary sources will be articles, books and written reports by experts.

What are the differences between the social classes in modern Western society?

To understand how individuals of the upper class influence people from lower social classes, it is important to understand the gap that exists between the social classes; as well as the layers that exists within each social class. It is also important to understand why these gaps exist and how they contribute to who has power in modern Western society.

Upper class

People who are considered to be members

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