Q&A: How Do Memory, Symbol, and Pattern Affect the Reading of Literature?

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Introduction: How 'd He Do That?
How do memory, symbol, and pattern affect the reading of literature? How does the recognition of patterns make it easier to read complicated literature? Discuss a time when your appreciation of a literary work was enhanced by understanding symbol or pattern.

Memory, symbol, and pattern affect the reading of literature by making the reader recall information that they have read before and compare the two stories. Memory kicks in when the reader tries to look for similar events from other stories. Symbols fill up many pages in literature and are seen when an object remains its-self while also representing something else. The last of the three main literature analytics is patterns, which is a repeating event that comes out to a similar ending every time.

By recognizing patterns you can understand a text much easier. If you connect the information of a story and it still doesn’t make sense, look to find a pattern. A pattern would be when a main character is sad and it is raining. Then you would compare that pattern to a different story and it would help you better understand what is going on.

One time I was reading a book and they talked about a rose. Although, this was not a literal rose it was a symbol. Roses usually stand for love or romance and before my english classes, I wasn’t aware of that. Therefore the lack of knowledge on symbolism would have lead me to not understand. That’s why the use and knowledge of symbols could help someone
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